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National Protect Your Hearing Month

October is National Protect Your Hearing Month

You may not think you’re at the age when you can be affected by a hearing impairment, but people of all ages can show symptoms of noise induced hearing loss (NIHL). Everyone experiences different points of sound in their daily environment. Being able to identify a safe level of noise, as opposed to a harmful level is extremely important to healthy hearing. Depending on length and intensity of volume, aggressively loud sounds can harm the very sensitive structure in the inner ear and can cause NIHL. NIHL can be built up over time or it can cause immediate damage. By taking the necessary precautions you can easily prevent it. 

According to the National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, you can help prevent NIHL for yourself and others by following these steps:

·         Know which noises can cause damage. A dBA is a measure of sound level in decibels. Sounds at or above 85 dBA are considered harmful.

·         Wear earplugs or other protective devices when involved in a loud activity. (Activity-specific earplugs and earmuffs are available at hardware and sporting goods stores.)

·         If you can’t reduce the noise or protect yourself from it, move away from it.

·         Be alert to hazardous noises in the environment.

·         Help protect the ears of children who are too young to take precautions on their own.

·         Make family, friends and colleagues aware of the hazards of noise.

·         Have your hearing tested if you think you might have hearing loss.

If you currently have hearing problems, early detection is very important for your future hearing ability. Hear In America, MTAB’s hearing aid partner, states that, “It takes the average person with hearing loss 5 to 7 years before seeking a professional diagnosis, in spite of the fact that the signs and symptoms of hearing loss are clear to other people.” Some symptoms can include difficulty understanding certain words, hearing better in one ear than the other, appearing to mumble more consistently and lost interest in attending social gatherings.

At MTA Benefits, we expect members to be satisfied with our programs, but sometimes their experience is beyond our expectations! One of our loyal members and a new customer of Hear In America stated, “Thanks to MTA Benefits, I not only got a free hearing test, but paid $800 for a pair of hearing aids costing $5,000. The member discount covered half the cost and my Medicare supplemental paid another $1,700. The firm the MTA Benefits partners with not only arranged appointments and follow ups with the audiologist but handled the negotiations with my insurance company! Wicked awesome service and savings!”

In order to accurately diagnose hearing loss, you can take an audiometry test to measure hearing at different sound frequencies. With early detection and intervention, hearing loss may not negatively affect the quality of your life.

If you currently have hearing issues or would like to be pro-active in your care, check out Hear in America. Their goal is to encourage early detection and help people save on hearing aid costs. MTA members can save 35-70% on hearing aids and receive free hearing screenings and lifetime office service. The discount also applies to extended family members.

For more information visit

www.mtabenefits-Hearinamerica or call 800.540.2730


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