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Q: Didn’t receive the confirmation e-mail after activating your account?

A: You may not have received the confirmation e-mail due to:

  • A typo in the address you entered
  • A school e-mail was used
  • An old e-mail address was used
  • A full mailbox that cannot accept any e-mail
  • E-mail sent to spam or junk folder

Please contact us at 800.336.0990 so that we can confirm if your submission was received.


Q: Why won't the site recognize my ID?

A: It will, but make sure NOT to type the first three zeros in the beginning of your ID number. 


Q: I'm a retired member. Am I eligible to participate in MTA Benefits?

A: Yes, retired members are eligible for most of the benefit programs and discounts offered by MTA Benefits.


Q: I lost/didn't receive my member card. Can you send a new one?

A: The MTA Membership Department can assist you. They can be reached at 617.878.8118.


Q: My name/address has changed. How can I update this?

A: The MTA Membership Department can update this information. They can be reached at 617.878.8118.


Q: Are family members eligible for discounts?

A: There are a number of discounts and benefit programs that your family members are eligible for. Take a look at the list here.

  • Get discounts while traveling

    Take advantage of more than 350,000 discounts nationwide, including 250,000 mobile offers with Access. Members have saved more than $197,000!

    • Subway
    • AMC Theatres
    • Petco
    • Goodyear
    • Samsonite
    • Applebee's
    Take a Look!
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    Create your member account and you'll gain access to lots of great benefits, such as:

    • Bimonthly giveaways 
    • Member-only deals
    • Theme park discounts
    • BJ's Wholesale Club discount
    • Nationwide discounts through Access
    • Theater tickets
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