Medical Transport Solutions

MASA Medical Transport Solutions

MASA MTS is a membership organization that provides worldwide air and ground ambulance transportation services for members when they are at home, at work or traveling the world.

The following services are covered with a MASA membership:

  • Emergency Air Medical Transportation and Evacuation
  • Air Transportation – Hospital to Hospital
  • Emergency Ground Ambulance Transportation
  • Repatriation/Recuperation
  • Return transportation
  • Non-injury transport (for a friend or family member)
  • Escort transportation
  • Minor children/grandchildren return
  • Vehicle return
  • Pet return
  • Mortal remains transport
  • Organ retrieval transport
  • Organ recipient transport

How it works

  • In an emergency situation, members should call 911 for assistance. The member will receive a balance bill for services rendered and that bill is sent to MASA for payment
  • In non-urgent situations, members call MASA who will work with physicians to get the individual to the most appropriate emergency care location
  • MASA will fly a family member or a friend to be with the injured member 
  • There is no maximum dollar limit on claims

Types of membership and cost

  • Single or family
  • One year, five year or Charter Lifetime (>50 years old)
  • MTA members save 40% off of the regular price
  • Payment plans – One-year plans may be paid monthly; Five-year and charter memberships are paid in full upfront; credit cards accepted
  • Single member: $27/month or $324/ year
  • Family plan: $35/month or $420/year

For more information, call 833.852.7202. 

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