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More Magazines, Please

Remember the days when you could enjoy a magazine in the waiting room at the dentist or look at the latest centerfold while under the dryer at a hair salon? Life was good back then. As someone who grew up with braces and thick hair, I am no stranger to either scenario. Some of my fondest memories consisted of flipping through magazines. While magazines still exist, the likelihood of seeing a stack of them in a woven basket is not as common as it once was.

Having access to a good read in a public place was always nice, but having access to a good read at home was arguably even better. I remember being in middle school and having my Godfather subscribe me to multiple magazines so I could stay up to date on topics like fashion, current events, and wellness. Not only did I have more time to digest what I was reading since I was at home, I was also able to go back and re-read because these magazines belonged to me. I kept up with these subscriptions all the way through high school, then technology got its hands on me, and my smartphone became my new source of reading. Using a handheld device is very convenient, but traditional reading options are still out there. Luckily, MTA Benefits has amazing discounts on digital and paper magazines, so you can choose how you would like to stay entertained.

In a survey among a group of MTA members, topics such as shopping, cooking and film were very popular general interests. For those who love to shop, People magazine would be the perfect selection. People features shopping trends, celebrity news and interviews for 65% off the retail price. Then we have subscriptions like Cook’s Illustrated for our cooking connoisseurs. This magazine provides readers with recipes, cooking techniques and product recommendations for 35% off the retail price. Lastly, The Nation is a phenomenal choice for our film lovers! This cover is one of the oldest publications specializing in film, theater, architecture, and music, for 81% off the retail price. Browse through MTA Benefits’ wide selection of subscriptions and begin collecting all your favorites again.

In addition to these great discounts, members get two free magazine subscriptions. Choose from free titles like Harper’s, Wine Enthusiast and Story Monster’s Ink. Summer is the perfect time to get your collection started or to gift someone a collection! Learn more about our exclusive magazine service here.

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