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Get your home ready for winter, even if you're not

As winter approaches, it’s time to make sure that your home is protected from the cold, and that your heating system and fireplace are prepped and primed to keep you cozy.


Sealing your windows is a good way to improve your heating efficiency and to make sure you’ll stay warm. It’s advisable to do this before freezing temperatures hit, as ice-cold windows are tougher to seal properly. Using window seals in conjunction with layered curtains helps keep your home insulated for optimal comfort. Draft snakes are long pillows that block cold air and also help insulate doors and windows.


Hiring a chimney sweep can ensure that your fireplace is ready to go. In addition to clearing out soot, they will also check for damage and should also change the chimney cap in order to prevent rain and snow, birds, squirrels or anything else from entering.


Nothing will give you the winter blues like turning on your furnace only to find it isn’t working. To prep your furnace, first check and change your filter. Next, anything stored near the furnace or on or in front or air ducts and return vents may be a fire hazard or block air circulation, and should be removed. Lastly, you may need to contact your gas or oil provider for a furnace refill.


If your home is heated by hot-water radiators, you should bleed the valves by opening them until water starts to appear and then closing them again. This will release trapped air and let hot water heat the radiator and home.

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