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Members who are insured with MetLife will be notified shortly by PISI that current plans are being discontinued. You will need to elect a new dental plan and provide your payment information once again. If you have questions, contact PISI at 800.382.1352.

United Concordia - Active & Retired Members

Savings on provider fees may be more than 20%. United Concordia is offering members dental plans for the individual; two-party; or family. When comparing dental plans, be sure to compare not only price but the benefits you're receiving too.

Annual Premiums: Individual - $762; Two-Party - $1,410; Family - $2,139

Plan Highlights

  • No waiting periods
  • Visit any dentist
  • Same rate for everyone; cost doesn't vary by ZIP code
  • Portable coverage when you travel out of state or out of country
  • Benefits are extended to family members
  • Coverage is available for dependent children up to age 26 and handicapped dependents to any age

Network Dentists

  • No claim forms
  • More than 40% average savings off of provider fees
  • Payment made directly to doctor
  • Thousands of in-network dentists in Massachusetts
  • Locations available nationwide

Non-Network Dentists

  • Freedom of choice
  • Payment made directly to patient
  • All eligible plan services are covered, but at a slightly lower percentage

Implant Coverage - Save an average of 44% on provider charges with this dental plan. Visiting in-network providers allow you to maximize your savings.

Outline of benefits

Schedule of benefits

Apply Online - Please note, if you're using Firefox to view this application, you must first download it before filling out the fields.

Apply via mail

Find a dentist

Please choose "Advantage Plus Network".

Don't see your dentist in the list? Invite them to join United Concordia or have them call 800.332.0366 from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


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