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Debt Counseling

Credit Counseling

If your credit card debt has become overwhelming and you find yourself paying just the minimum balance each month, Cambridge Credit Counseling can help you get out of that debt. You are eligible for a FREE  one-on-one debt consultation from this non-profit program. You'll learn the basics of managing your personal finances and get help to create and maintain a working household budget.

If you decide to enroll in a debt management plan, they will help you:

  • Consolidate your credit card payments into one simple monthly payment
  • Reduce your credit card interest rates by an average of 64%
  • Save an average of 25% on your monthly credit card payments

Ready to finally get out of credit card debt?

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Student Loan Counseling

Important student loan relief information

Student Loan Webinars - New dates comingsoon! Join an expert from Cambridge Credit Counseling for information on different loan types, repayment, default and forgiveness options, and COVID-19 relief updates.

Struggling to repay student loans? You're not alone. The student loan crisis continues to impact American society on many levels:

  • Higher education gets more expensive every day
  • Student debt in the United States continues to grow exponentially
  • It's difficult to identify your federal student debt options because there's so much regulation

If you are a TEACH Grant participant, we may be able to address current problems before they happen. Contact Todd Friedhaber, Cambridge Credit Counseling, at 800.757.1788, ext. 5373.

"I gained a wealth of knowledge and was enlightened with helpful information during your workshop. You had an excellent presentation and captivated everyone's attention. I liked your dynamic style of engagement too! I am currently working towards Public Service Loan Forgiveness; I have direct loans and I have been in the Income-Based Repayment Plan since 2012. Thank you for welcoming questions and speaking individually with attendees afterwards." - A satisfied customer

MTA Benefits has partnered with Student Debt Solutions by eFiscal Networks, the Financial Counseling Association of America (FCAA) and the nonprofit debt relief agency Cambridge Credit Counseling to provide you with the tools you need to quickly identify your options.

Special MTA member pricing is $24.95 and includes:

  • Fast online analysis using the advanced SLADE™ logic engine
  • A customized report that includes full solution descriptions, including any potential cancellations, forgiveness options and more, as well as legal/financial items to consider and detailed steps on how to implement your changes
  • The ability to find a payment plan that fits your budget

Need extra help? Certified FCAA nonprofit student loan counselors are available to help your review your options, assess your financial goals and decide on the best plan of action.

Once you've evaluated your options, you may decide refinancing is right for you. Take a look at the Student Loan Refinancing program.

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"I just wanted to thank you for meeting with me for loan counseling. I would not have been fully aware of all of the options I have, especially as a teacher, that will help me to get rid of my loans as quickly and as cheaply as possible. I left our first meeting confident in what steps I should take next and after the second time we talked everything I needed to do was set up and in motion as I begin to pay off my loans in an affordable way on my teacher salary. I would recommend that all MTA members should speak with a counselor to help lead them in the right direction for loan forgiveness and repayment options." - Matt, first-year educator 

"Hi Gordon. Very well done and informative webinar. Thanks. I would like you to dissect my daughter’s debt and help us choose the right route for us to take. I am the co-signer on her loans and am really worried about her situation. I want to help her with the payments but want to do some type of consolidation. You were right on when you said  'one size does not fit all' and the Navients and Sallie Maes of this world don't seem to care or want to help. Let me know how I can get this counseling please!" - A satisfied MTA member

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