Make Sure Your Identity Is Protected

Have you noticed an increase in unknown phone numbers sending you text messages with strange web links lately? That’s because the newest craze for hackers is SMS phishing scams. “Phishing” is the fraudulent practice of sending messages pretending to be from reputable companies to convince individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card information. This scam is classically performed via email, but hackers have now made their way to SMS. Once the victim clicks on the web link in the text message, they‘re hacked, and their personal information could be exposed and stolen.

At MTA Benefits, we know that these hackers are becoming savvier every day. That’s why we provide members with access to identity theft protection programs, like Securus ID, which offers fully-managed recovery services. Securus ID offers multiple plans that take preventative measures and help catch threats that you may easily miss on your own. With October being National Cyber Security Month, it’s the perfect time for you to invest in a cyber protection plan, or simply gain awareness about identity theft protection.

Through Securus ID, members receive exclusive member-only pricing on all identity theft plans. If you’re looking for a simple plan that will restore your identity should you become a victim, there's a plan for you. If you want a plan that includes all the latest in monitoring technology, insurance and more, they have that too. Securus ID has a plan for every need and budget starting at just $3 per month for MTA members. Your digital and financial identity are at constant risk; therefore, you need constant protection.

Securus ID offers three plan designs to meet your needs and budget – essential, comprehensive and elite. The essential plan is simple and affordable, the comprehensive plan is full-featured and high value, and the elite plan offers all of that plus advanced monitoring. By enrolling in one of the Securus ID MTA member plans, you’ll be saving up to 60%. Enroll and activate your plan in minutes. Learn more here.