Keep Warm This Winter

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a reliable heating oil or propane supplier. Luckily, your MTA membership gives you access to two trustworthy heating sources – Heat USA and Tankfarm. Heat USA is the largest heating oil buying program in the country, while Tankfarm is a renowned corporation dedicated to reducing the impact of carbon-based fuels on the environment. Most homeowners still use heating oil, but some homeowners prefer propane or live in an area where propane is more popular.

What’s the difference, you ask? Heating oil equipment generally costs less to purchase, heating oil produces more heat per gallon than propane and it depletes slower than propane. This means you will pay less overall with heating oil, even if the per gallon cost of propane is less. However, propane tends to be easier on the environment. Whatever you choose is simply based on your individual needs, and MTA Benefits mindfully offers both options.

For heating oil folks, it’s easy to become preoccupied and forget to check your oil levels. Imagine how it would feel if you ran out of oil and your supplier couldn’t schedule you for a few days. Going days without heat in the winter would be extremely unpleasant. If you were to connect with a dependable oil supplier like Heat USA, you would receive 24-hour emergency service in a situation like this. In addition to emergency services, you could also take advantage of other benefits like a lifetime of free or discounted full-service contracts, free annual tune-ups and discounted equipment upgrades.

For those who prefer propane, keep in mind that you can save an average of $300-500 a year with a supplier like Tankfarm. You would be paying less without having to sacrifice the quality of fuel or service.  When you take advantage of Tankfarm’s program, you would benefit from exclusivities like tank ownership, waived fees, member-only discounts and much more. Learn more about how you can benefit from both of our utility partners at