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Is Your Vacation Protected?

          The school year is over, and you have a long-awaited trip to Paris right around the corner. You’ve been doing everything to prepare for this getaway – pre-booking your pet sitter, buying berets, sharpening your French skills – you name it. Daydreams about the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower have been consuming you for months now, and the time is almost here.

           A few days before you’re supposed to leave, the unexpected happens. You come down with a fever of 102 and there is no possible way you can get on that plane. Without travel insurance, all the money you invested into your vacation would have gone down the drain. Many people choose not to purchase insurance while traveling, but if something goes wrong, they’re left with very few options. You wouldn’t drive a car or buy a home without insurance, so why would you risk traveling without it? Especially during these unpredictable times. Luckily, travel insurance eases the stress of a situation like this.

          Travel insurance may seem like a needless expense to some, but it’s the most useful thing a traveler could have. Travel Insured International (TII), an MTA Benefits partner, will reimburse up to 100% of your trip if you’re ever in a predicament where you’re forced to cancel. Travel insurance is designed to make sure you don’t lose heaps of money in the event of an emergency before your trip. 

          Now imagine if you actually made it to Europe and came down with a fever after you landed. What would have happened then? Most health insurance plans don’t cover you while you’re overseas. Travel insurance on the other hand, not only covers you before your trip, but it also covers up to $100,000 in emergency medical expenses if illness strikes during your trip. Travel Insured International covers a wide range of other circumstances too, such as Broad Trip Cancellation, Interruption and Delay, Baggage Protection and Travel Accident Protection. Plus, you would be eligible for Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage if purchased within 21 days of deposit. Learn more about what kind of coverage makes sense for your next trip!

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