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Huan's Tai Chi and Kung Fu @ YWCA Cambridge

MTA member and family members receive $30 off (reg. $70) the first month's class of instruction, plus one complimentary, introductory 30-minute private lesson. Tai chi is low impact and proven to increase circulation and to improve your balance, flexibility and mobility. It will energize the body, refresh your mind, increase your concentration and enlighten your spirit. At Huan's Tai Chi, the instructors are dedicated to make every effort to make your learning a fun and positive experience. Kung Fu classes include applications for Tai Chi, Tong Bei, Pa Gua and many other Chinese martial arts forms. If you're interested in self-defense or more exercise than Tai Chi for health, you'll love these classes. Member-owned business!

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7 Temple St., Cambridge, MA 02139


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