Solar Power Systems

Solar power saves money


American Solar Partners will help you save money on electricity costs. 

MTA members receive a special discount of 1015% off of current market prices on their system through this program. Members will also receive tax credits and will be paid for their electricity production, and have the option of financing the net cost of the system with a new, low-interest loan.

Benefits of this solar program

  • Save $1,000–$2,000 per year on electricity costs
  • Own a solar power system (not lease)
  • Increase your home's value by an average of $30,000
  • American-made solar modules are used on all projects
  • All projects are installed by union contractors
  • Reduce your carbon emissions

Learn more

For a free estimate to learn how much solar can save you, click here or call American Solar Partners at 617.945.8054, e-mail or visit the MTA member website and sign up for a FREE solar assessment.

American Solar Partners has been designing, supplying and installing high-quality solar power systems for more than 10 years. American Solar Partners uses American-made solar modules and works with union installers only.

American Solar Partners offers ownership of solar power systems because ownership generates three times more savings on average than leasing does. All systems from American Solar Partners come with a 25-year equipment warranties and an internet-based monitoring system to track output (kWh) and savings, and are grid-tied so that members have power when the sun goes down in the evening.