Propane Discounts

Members can realize substantial savings by joining the propane discount program offered through Propane USA, provider of the MTA propane discount program. Propane USA has negotiated a significant discount on propane from top local propane suppliers. On average members can expect to save 30-50 cents per gallon compared with average retail propane prices. Additionally, Propane USA has eliminated any and all fees typically charged by propane providers (tank set-up, line testing, delivery, low-usage, etc.) which will save you even more money.

Advantages of the program include:

  • Average savings of 30-50 cents per gallon
  • No tank rental, line testing, low usage or delivery fees
  • Special MTA first-year membership fee of only $15 (normally $25)
  • Automatic delivery, 30-day payment terms, budget plans available
  • Deliveries and emergency service from top-rated local propane suppliers
Whether you use propane for home heating, running appliances or fireplaces, grilling or for other purposes, your savings can be as much as $400 per year. To find out if the propane discount is available in your area, visit Propane USA online at or call toll-free at 888.767.9185.


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