About Us 

Celebrating 45 years of service 

MTA Benefits is recognized as one of the industry's most creative and service-oriented organizations, providing exclusive member programs at deep discounts. MTAB partners with highly respected, responsible companies who endure rigorous screenings before being given our endorsement. Such companies include Hanover Insurance, Berkshire Bank, MetLife, Bank of America and other major corporations


Our mission is to support the membership activities of the MTA by providing essential economic benefits and fundamental services to members and their eligible family members, and to do so on a self-funding and/or profit-making basis without using MTA dues.

  • Enhance the value of membership by assisting members to achieve greater personal financial security and economic savings through member benefits programs in the areas of personal insurance, life insurance and income protection, wellness, personal finance, travel and entertainment
  • Constantly improve and expand programs throughout the state for the purpose of increasing MTA member participation and enriching members' lives
  • Provide an agency for channeling economic member benefits to MTA members
  • Provide consumer education materials to MTA members
  • Provide adequate earnings on MTA's investment in MTA


(L-R) Maryann Robinson, Carolyn Cassiani, Elizabeth Bejoian, Barbara DePesa, Nancy Markiewicz, Cynthia Odoms. Not pictured: Susan McDonald